Internal adoption is the term used when persons residing in Belgium adopt a child who also resides in Belgium.

Most internal adoptions are made by step-parents, i.e. persons adopting the child of their partner.

The number of children put up for adoption each year in Belgium is very low.

The ACC (Community Central Authority) will guide you through the whole procedure.

If you live in Flanders, please contact:

Kind en Gezin , Vlaamse centrale autoriteit voor adoptie (VCA)
Hallepoortlaan 27
1060 Brussel
Tél. : 02 533 14 76
Site internet :
E-mail :

If you live in Wallonia, depending on where you live, please contact:

Ministère de la Communauté française Ministerium der Deutschesprachigen 
Direction générale de l’Aide à la jeunesse  Gemeinschaft Zentrale Behörde der Deutschprachigen
Direction de l’Adoption Gemeinschaft für Adoptionen 
Avenue Léopold II 44 - 1080 Bruxelles Gospertstrasse 1 – 4700 Eupen
Tél. : 02 413 41 35  Tél. : 087 59 63 46 
Site internet : Site internet :
E-mail : E-mail :

If you live in the Brussels Region, you can choose between the French-speaking Community and the Flemish Community. 

Last updated on December 12th 2020